Sunday Sounds.

Music soothes the soul. 


“Music expresses that which cannot be put in to words”.

– Victor Hugo.

This morning I found that the negative committee had decided to pay me a visit bringing with them their agenda of self-doubt and loathing. For a short while I let them have their say and began to feel that what they were saying made sense. Who was I to think that I could maintain a blog? Who would want to read anything I had to say anyway? Their constant tirade of destructive beliefs started to take hold. But just as I began to succumb to the aims of their visit I realised that I needed to show them the door. But I knew that they would not go without a fight, I needed to hit back. So that’s exactly what I did, I hit back with a big blast of music. I turned the volume up loud as I proceeded to dance and sing that big old negative committee right out  of my head.

MusicSoothes The Soul (1).png

Research has shown that listening to your favourite music can help chase away those negative vibes that can plague your mind. Researcher’s at McGill University in Montreal found that listening to your desired music of choice can bring about pleasure and relaxation which can generate the release of the feel good chemical dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that can lead to increased feelings of happiness and joy.


In Kendall Deflin’s article from 2016 it states, “Music has a direct effect on our hormones; it can even be considered a natural antidepressant. This is because certain tunes cause the release of serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters) in the brain that lead to increased feelings of happiness and well-being. It also releases norepinephrine, which is a hormone that invokes feelings of euphoria”. I couldn’t agree more. Music has helped me so much throughout my life and has always played an important role, be it in my everyday life or at big occasions such as my wedding. It especially helps boost my mood and picks me up when the black clouds begin to loom. The music I listen to can also be a window to my soul, take note of what I am listening to and you could put money on how I am feeling at that moment in time. I am sure it is the same for you too.


So I know what you are all wondering, what music do I listen to? What gets me out of a funk and fills me with the confidence to give the negative committee their marching order?! Well, I listen to anything and everything, I have extremely eclectic tastes. One day it could be Arctic Monkeys that lift me up and convince me to get on my dancing shoes. Other days Madonna convinces me to remember that I am an utterly brillant, positive ray of light! On other occasions it’s the delightful tones of the divine George Michael, reminding me I gotta have faith!! The list is endless!! But today, and this may surprise some of you, it was the lovely Pharrell that got me back on track with the upbeat ‘Happy’! Yep, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but how can anyone not listen to that song and not let the positive vibes just wash over them?!


I can hear some of you now,  muttering away to yourself, “that song is bloody awful” and yep it’s not a Stone Roses or Beatles classic, but hey it got me back on track today! That’s all that mattered to me when I was shaking my thang round the kitchen!!

Do you have a song that you turn to when you need a hit of positivity? What music helps you get through your down days? I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to stop by next weekend for more Sunday sounds.

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Thanks Em. x

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