Perfectly Positive Instagram.


I love, love, love Instagram!! Not because you can follow your fave celeb or covet the luxuries of the rich & famous. I love to see those who inspire others and spread kindness around like confetti. I follow lots of positive and inspiring people on Instagram, most of them women. Women who are just dipping their toes in to the world of entrepreneurship, sisters (in the words of Annie and Aretha) who have been ‘doing it for themselves for some time (cue music) and those that just want make the world a more positive place. Below are some of my favourite Instagram accounts.

Little Victories.


Little Victories is a health and wellness website founded by the lovely Rebecca. Rebecca suffers with GAD and set up little victories based on the idea that each day when people experience anxiety they focus on the stuff they didn’t do rather than celebrate what they have accomplished . Little Victories is here to encourage us to celebrate all those little achievements we accomplish every day , e.g. – our ‘little victories’.

In Rebecca’s words, “A little Victory is just that something small that you have achieved during your day this can be taking some time out for yourself and preparing yourself something nice to eat, going for a nice walk or catching up with a friend. Because when your living with high levels of anxiety day-to-day tasks can be anxiety provoking and so we need to acknowledge and celebrate these no matter how small they are because they contribute to our overall health and wellbeing”.

Little Victories is all about promoting self-love, and increasing awareness of anxiety disorders and the impact it can have on people’s lives. I love seeing little victories Instagram posts they are always so comforting and uplifting. You can see from Little Victories account that they are truly passionate about helping other to love themselves.


The Positive Page.


I just love the Positive Page’s Instagram feed it’s like a packet of skittles has exploded across the realms of social media. The Positive page is a website run by the lovely Lauren and her mission is to support self-love and mental health awareness. The Positive Pages also provide support for people who are experiencing issue with their mental health.

Whenever one of Lauren’s post comes up in my feed I can’t help but smile, not only does it pack a punch with its vibrant colours but the warmth and honesty behind her messages shines through. Lauren has also set up the wonderful spread smiles project (I will talk more about this in one of my future blog posts) through which she aims to bring happiness to people’s day. Lauren really is Mental Health warrior and I thank her for making the world a brighter, more positive place.


The Positive Page

Minutes for me.


Minutes for me is a blog set up by the lovely Samantha Spiers that encourages people to take at least five minutes to do something for yourself each day. Samantha says

Many of us are living very busy lives with very little time to think about what we might do with the five/thirty/sixty spare minutes that we have, so I am hoping to start a conversation that will reach out and connect busy people from all over the globe, through the web, instagram and Facebook, to help us enrich our lives by bringing many ideas together to inspire us all to do something different, or do something better, every day; a way to consciously engage with yourself and the world around you for at least five minutes every single day.

I just love Samantha’s idea, it so simple but so effective. The minutes for me Instagram account is filled with ideas and inspiration encouraging you to take some me time. Ideas range from spending 5 minutes tickling your taste buds and whipping up a new dish to 60 minutes of cycling. I am filled with such a feeling of calm when I am greeted with the minutes for me Insta account, it exudes such a feeling of self-love and serenity. It truly is a breath of fresh air.


Tapping into change.


Tapping into change is an alternative & holistic health service run by my fabulous Insta-sista (and friend) Mel. Mel delivers therapy using EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) Indian Head massage and hypnotherapy.

Mel’s Mission is to help other women who are ready to change, to break free from the invisible barriers that are holding them back from living to their full potential

Mel’s enthusiasm and personality leap at you through her Instagram account the passion she feels about the work she does radiates from the posts she shares. Mel doesn’t pull any punches either she’s a straight talker who likes to keep it real, but everything she says or does comes from a place of love. You can tell immediately from the inspiring quotes she shares through to her own words of wisdom that Mel genuinely wants to help other women be their best self.


Woman ready blog.


Women ready blog was founded by the gorgeous Lou Kirby and is an online community for women to share their stories, support, inspire each other and in Lou’s words ‘Be Real’.

Lou previously wrote a book about women’s confidence and how they deal with modern-day life, her aim was to find out how real women felt. Lou talked to numerous women about their bodies, minds, work and careers, sex, relationships, kids, and the pressure they feel under to juggle life and much more!

Throughout this process Lou discovered that as women we doubt ourselves, we over-think, we hold ourselves back and wonder if we are good enough. Lou states, We shared experiences, we talked about the good stuff too, the successes, the tips and advice we had on feeling that little bit more self-assured. And we realised we are pretty awesome really but we just forget that we are.

Lou is right, women are awesome! I love Lou’s message and the her Insta account embodies her message to the max.

Lou 1.jpg

I highly suggest that you go check these ladies out. If there are any perfectly positive Insta accounts that you think I may like please let me know by leaving a comment below. I am always on the search for inspiring Instagram accounts.

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Love Em. X

To blog, or not to blog?! That is the question.

I have always wanted to start a blog, in fact I have previously started a couple. But I have never got past the first post because unfortunately I have allowed my inner negative Nelly to talk me out of it. Negative Nelly likes make me to feel incapable. She loves to whisper in my ear, ” you can’t write a blog, you have nothing to say”. Plus she takes great pleasure in telling me that no one would be interested in anything I have to say. As well as informing me that there are loads of blogs out there, so there’s no point starting one because everybody is doing it. Just to rub salt in the wound she laughs that all those other blogs are also way better than anything I could ever create.
 But what Nelly doesn’t know is that this time I am fighting back. I am not going to allow her to belittle me and consume my mind. Since I first started my blog, approximately six months ago, I have been working on myself. You see the only way I can shut Nelly up is if I challenge her, this means mastering my mindset. To do this I have been reading lots of inspirational books and listening to people such as Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Gabby Bernstein. I have joined Facebook groups and met other woman that inspire me and encourage me to grow.
Bully (1)

By allowing Nelly to set up camp inside my head means that I will never know of all the amazing adventures that are out there waiting for me. By giving Nelly room to grow I only make myself miserable and why would I want to do that?

I know this blog post is only short and a little random. But I just wanted to make a start, even if it sits here, seen by my eyes only, at least I have taken the first steps on my adventure.

Thank you for stopping by

Em. xx

“Whatever you want to do, no matter how big it is, simply start by taking one little right action.

If you want to write, write the first draft of a blog post. If you want to start a podcast, record an episode using whatever equipment you have available. If you want to make inspirational YouTube videos, set up your channel. If you want to design jewelry, make one simple piece.

Even if you want to do a hundred things….. start with one little right action.

You don’t build anything big overnight. And if you believe you need to do everything right now, I guarantee that will stop you from doing anything at all.

So just take one little right action”

– Gabby Bernstein